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  Everyone's seen Survivor and everyone's played Sims, so the folks at Bobopolis (in other words Bobby) decided to put the two together. What you get is Sims Survivor. The game is simple, eight contestants are going to be left alone in a house and the one who survives the longest is the winner. Sounds a lot like Big Brother, I know, but that show isn't as cool as Survivor so we are calling this Sims Survivor and not Sims Big Brother. Anyway, the catch is, the contestants themselves are Sims. They are placed in the house and then left alone to do whatever they please. There is no human control so the Sim contestants must fend for themselves. All their actions will totally be based on what the computer makes them do. They are given a limited amout of money and once that runs out, unless they get some more cash by some means they may start starving. Every Monday and Thursday a new episode of Sims Survivor will be presented. These episodes will be presented in a pop-up slideshow. The episodes will continue until there is only one Sim contestant left. Contestants can be eliminated by leaving the house or getting killed. Now you know how it works, so get ready for Sims Survivor!
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Same Rules. Same House. Different Sims. In the second season eight new Sims have entered the Sims Survivor Bobopolis house and only one will walk out alive. This time there is more action, more fire, more starvation and a lot more nudity. Who will walk away champion? Find out by watching ...

Sims Survivor: Season Two
Season Two

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